Pick is now only available at our Bonita location on Wednesday’s. Please check back in for updates on any possible new locations in the future! Thanks for supporting your local community farms and business!


In 2012, when we started Close to Home Pasta we were driven by the question, If money wasn’t an issue, what would we do?” From our love of fresh food, farmer's markets, and the comforting Italian meals we grew up eating, we decided to handcraft savory fresh pasta.

Eating great pasta is something that has been passed down through the generations in both of our families (let’s take a moment to specify we are Sicilian and Italian, and yes there is a difference).  We took bits of wisdom from our family recipes, their passion for good food, and set out to craft a high-quality pasta for everyday meals.  Through lots of hard work, hours and hours spent in the kitchen, and a lot of laughter and joy, the recipes and ethos of Close to Home came to be.

For eight years now, we've been sharing our passion and our pasta with the San Diego community at farmer's markets throughout the county.  We intend that the relationships we build with each of you, along with our carefully crafted pasta, carries to your dinner table and loved ones. 

As we continue to grow, we carry our intention to maintain the personal connection between food, community, and handcrafted quality.   

We hope to stay connected with you and your dinner table, as we continue to expand our reach.


Eric and Tina

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